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For us, the sky is the limit! The application scenarios of our technology are diverse such as payments in store/online checkouts, internet banking transactions, access control in buildings and transport, check -in in events/flights/concerts and so many more. As we have a 100% proprietary technology, we have the capability of redraw our API's to suit best with your needs.

Payments Authentication

SAFFE is a anti-fraud facial biometric solution that can be integrated in any device so users can have their payment authorized in stores/on-line using only their faces.
For in store payments

No need for special devices and card readers machines. SAFFE payment app authorization happens with two factors in the point of sale (pin + selfie).

Just a selfie

A selfie is enough to confirm the identity of a person, comparing the photographed face with the images previously registered and filed on the server.

Store Payments

E-commerce and Internet Banking

We provide API's that are omnichannel and easy to integrate. Thanks to our passive liveness detection nature, our average authentication time is super fast and we garantee an excellent UX!

We are compliant with the PSD2 regulation, SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and 3DS so we can offer the most secure solution for our clients.

For online payments

Push selfie tokenization that eliminates risk of fraud thanks to the liveness detection that is carried out simultaniously (smart phone device + selfie).


Access Control

Our system can be integrated in any device, from electronic gates to door locks, making the use of SAFFE's the most secure way when it comes to access control!
More security and convenience

No need of keys, devices or finger prints to open doors at your office, gym or home. Control everybody that can have access to certain spaces 24/7 with no need of internet.

Transport payments

Payments and access control with one amazing journey for the user, no need of carrying cards and cash.

access control

ID Verification

Verifiy if the person is the same as the one in the document!
Document verification

Taking a photo of your document and a selfie can garantee the person's ID Verification in seconds.

Less fraud and more speed

Ensuring that the one taking the selfie is the same as in their document can provide your company more safety and less fraud, making your verification process even faster.

Id verification

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