Who we are

About us

Our mission is to provide companies a world-class facial recognition technology so they can offer their users the best solution for financial transactions and authentications in general. We believe facial recognition is the future and invite you to join us and revolutionize the market!


Our history

SAFFE was founded in 2015 by two brazilians, Andre Coelho and Giovani Chiachia that merged their knowledge in business and technology, respectively, to create this disruptive and innovative startup . Since the beginning the idea was to develop a proprietary world-class technology in order to be top ranked amongest the top facial biometric providers. And so they did. In 2019, SAFFE was ranked amongest the top 15 at the NIST-FRVT certificate and has been approved by big institutions, banks and enterprises. We are continuously developing and polishing our technology so we can offer our clients the best technology they will find.


Since the beggining, we've been participating from several accelerator programs and we are happy to say we acomplished a lot since 2015. These programs helps us validate our technology and run Proof of Concepts and Pilots that later converts into clients. Here are some of them:
plugnplay japan
sibs payforward
Hubble - BDMG
Tech Business Camp Tokyo 2019
Sicred Inovar Juntos
Poland Prize

Our offices

London, UK

São Paulo, Brazil

Tokyo, Japan